AWS reinvent

AWS reinvent

AWS held its annual re:Invent customer conference this week — and as it launched bundle of new service one after another, vision of AWS becomes very clear: the company with a marketshare lead that is by estimate 10 times bigger than its 14 closest competitors combined as per one of the Gartner’s study and has no plans to slow down or rest on its laurels.

According to stats from Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services, Worldwide  AWS S3 storage is 1.6 times as large in terms of pure data stored on its servers, as all the other object storage services in their Magic Quadrant combined.

AWS re:invent becomes a bad dream for all of it’s competitors like Micorsoft, Google and IBM, but AWS isn’t just dominating because it was first of all to pioneer the vision( no need to say it gives a hell of leadership confidence to AWS), it’s also continuing to innovate at an astonishing rate and proves this by adding around 1000 new features this single year up from 722 just last year, according to a graph posted by CEO Andy Jassy during his re:Invent keynote.


AWS Innovation like anything

AWS Innovating like anything

The question is, how does the competition catch up in the face of this market dominance and pure power to innovate?

“Microsoft Azure is a viable contender, and Google certainly knows how to manage infrastructure better than most tech companies, but the gap is significant and only growing by the day,” While Google and Microsoft can use their profit budgets to keep up on the innovation front, it’s harder to overcome the data disparity.

“While Microsoft and Google can hire and acquire their way through the software stack to close the gap with AWS, the amount of data managed by S3 which mainly uses AWS services — will make it very hard for competitors to catch up,” .

As per some industry experts from silicon valley it isn’t ready to cede the enterprise to AWS just yet. They says that Microsoft and Oracle have a deep roots in the enterprise, simply because they are comfortable and familiar, and they have a strong presence already. Moving from on-prem to the cloud with familiar tools is less daunting than moving everything to AWS, in ways.

As we’ve learned, things can change very quickly in technology, even when there is an obvious and dominant market leader. Just because AWS has a big advantage now, doesn’t mean it always will, but as we saw last week, it shows no signs of slowing down, as it continues to put intense pressure on its competition and seamlessly getting prepared for any future competition at war level.

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