All the customers loves the cost-effective, burst-based model that they get when they use AWS T2 instances (Tiny). Majority of customers use T2 instances to run general purpose applications such as web servers, development and test environments, continuous integration servers and small databases. These instances provide a generous amount of baseline performance and the ability to automatically and transparently scale up to full-core processing power on an need basis (refer to New Low Cost EC2 Instances with Burstable Performance if it excites you).

Few days back on 30th Nov,2016 AWS has added two new larger T2 instance sizes – t2.xlarge with 16 GiB of memory and t2.2xlarge with 32 GiB of memory. These new instance sizes enable customers to benefit from price and take advantages of performance of the T2 burst model for applications with larger resource requirements  (this is the third time that Amazon Web Services has expanded the range of t2 instances; included t2.large instances last June and t2.nano instances last December).

For reference here are the specifications for all of the sizes of T2 instances (the prices reflect the most recent EC2 Price Reduction):


Name vCPUs Baseline Performance Platform Memory (GiB) CPU Credits / Hour Price / Hour
t2.nano 1 5% 32-bit or 64-bit 0.5 3 $0.0059
t2.micro 1 10% 32-bit or 64-bit 1 6 $0.012
t2.small 1 20% 32-bit or 64-bit 2 12 $0.023
t2.medium 2 40% 32-bit or 64-bit 4 24 $0.047
t2.large 2 60% 64-bit 8 36 $0.094
t2.xlarge 4 90% 64-bit 16 54 $0.188
t2.2xlarge 8 135% 64-bit 32 81 $0.376


Here are a few of ways if you want to move existing workloads to the new instances:

  • t2.large workloads can scale up to t2.xlarge or t2.2xlarge in order to gain access to more memory.
  • Intermittent c4.2xlarge workloads can move to t2.xlarge at a significant cost reduction, with similar burst performance.
  • Intermittent m4.xlarge workloads can move to t2.xlarge at s slight cost reduction, and higher burst performance.

The new instances are available as On-Demand & Reserved Instances in all AWS regions for now.


Keep experimenting till the time I bring something new for you…!!!


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