Hey Guys, I am back again with a small life made easy technology which can help socially active guys to manage their portals.

Most of the times I come across the guys or gals who are very active on social network and want to maintain their portfolio well. But as time goes things got more messy and time is a big constrain in managing things effectively. Here is my new post which can help you all in this and can save your time so that you can spend some with your favorite ones.

WordPress is a very famous blogging platform which helps millions of bloggers in sharing their thoughts unlike Blogger or WordPress twitter has a very limited space to give freedom of your thoughts. To escape from this you can maintain a separate blog and tweet all your posts to your twitter account without worrying about the number of characters in your thoughts.

WordPress to Tweeter integration comes very handy here. I am going to use WP to Twitter for this purpose.

First download the WP to Twitter setup from the link provided. post that place wp-to-twitter plugin directly under your wp-content directory so that WordPress will be able to load your module. Now reload your WordPress dashboard and you will see wp-to-twitter as a plugin in your dashboard. Just go ahead and Activate this plugin.

This will directly open the setting page. First of all this will ask you to register the application. you can use any name but not Twitter. Description can be anything no matters. Checking for the callback url is an important thing. Go to your wordpress dashboard and check for this in wp-to-twitter plugin you will find it there.


Post configuring this you must have a valid mobile number register with your twitter account to install any application. Now Click on the Create Application Button This will complete your application creation now scroll down and create keys for your application as shown in below image.

This is under key management section of application. Now furnish this key information in wordpress wp-to-twitter plugin configuration page and save the configuration. Please make sure to provide Read and Write permission to application while creating that or you can modify later using Permission tab in application setup page.

Now you are good to go. Just go ahead and perform a test tweet (it will be a blog post that will be posted as your tweet)that will look like. Please give it a like if it helps you in any way.


Have fun and play more with your thoughts…!




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