NAT/Host-Only and Bridged Networking mode

While setting up own personal labs many of us are usign NAT/Host-Only or Bridged networking mode of VMware but most of us are still unambiguous when we think which one we used for which requirement.

Let’s have a quick How to on VMWare network modes.


You should use Host-Only networking mode of VMware workstation if you want to setup connectivity between your host and guest VM only. In this mode VMWare will setup a dedicated network and your guest OS(VM) and Host OS will be connected over this network. VM will be assigned an IP from this dedicated network and guest OS will be able to connect to Host OS only and no other machine on network will not be able to communicate to the guest OS, like does.


NAT (Network Address Translation) will be used where machine need not to serve and service or applicaiton to external network but still need to access public resources.In this mode VM will access external resource through Host IP and all traffic will pass through that IP.

A dedicated network will be created in this networking mode and VM in NAT mode will use an IP from that range and any other VM using NAT networking mode will also use an another IP from same network and will be able to communicate with VM(inter communication of VM will happen as well as communication with Host will also happen).


You should use this mode in case your VM needs to provide external service or application. This mode connects directly VM to the external network on which Host machine is and allows VM to connect directly with any other VM or host running on external network. In this mode VM will get IP address of same range on which Host machine is running.

Have a good read and use Vmware networks efficiently…!

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