AWS EC2 Instance Type Update – Introduced improvements T2, R4, F1 In Progress Elastic GPUs, I3, C5

During the AWS 2016 re:invent AWS CEO Andy Jassy announced multiple new updates to the EC2 instance roadmap.  AWS is making updates to their high I/O, compute-optimized, memory-optimized instances, expanding the range of burstable instances, and expanding into new areas of hardware acceleration including FPGA-based computing. This blog post summarizes...Read more

AWS launches it’s Next Generation (R4) Memory-Optimized EC2 Instances

Continuing the EC2 instance evolution from my last article about expansion of T2 instance size let’s discuss about newly memory optimized EC2 instances. In-memory processing is a demand of these days computing. With workloads growing larger and larger and CPUs gaining power with every successive generation, the ability to fit complete datasets...Read more

Expanded T2 instance type by adding T2.Xlarge and T2.2Xlarge Instances

All the customers loves the cost-effective, burst-based model that they get when they use AWS T2 instances (Tiny). Majority of customers use T2 instances to run general purpose applications such as web servers, development and test environments, continuous integration servers and small databases. These instances provide a generous amount of...Read more